Stall holders can set up from 6am - there will be Fair representatives at Charles Harper Park to guide you.


NOTE: You must read the following letter before submitting your application.

Dear Stallholder,

On behalf of the above-mentioned organisation, I wish to advise that the HELENSBURGH & DISTRICT Lions Club Village Fair will be held on one day only this year, namely October 26th at the usual venue, the grounds of Charles Harper Park, Helensburgh. The hours will be 9am-4pm.

We invite you to participate on this day. The cost of stalls selling general merchandise will be $50,  food stalls not requiring electricity  $100 and food stalls requiring electricity $120. All monies raised will be donated to worthy causes within the community.

We ask that the following items not be offered for sale:

Failure to comply with this request will result in loss of payment and a request to vacate the premises immediately.

Each stall site will be allocated an area of about 3m.square. While requests for certain positions will be considered, they are not mandatory.

Please note that you will be required to supply all equipment to operate your stall.

You are also required to remove ALL RUBBISH from your site upon departure.

Please note the allowance made for severe weather conditions on the line to the stall application form

Payment can be made via cheque,money order  or EFT. Cheques, money orders should be posted to PO Box 7 Helensburgh NSW 2508 along with a copy of your insurance credentials. Please include your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER so that we can easily match your payment against the form you have filled out above. Insurance Credentials Copy of Insurance Credentials Upload Copy of Insurance